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The Other "Conracs"

At Conrac Corporation's peak, it consisted of a dozen or more divisions making a wide range of products.  After Mark IV Industries bought Conrac in 1987, most of the divisions were sold or merged into other companies.  Please contact the following companies directly for any of the following product lines:

Tube Benders -

PHI-Tulip (


Motors / Timers -

Cramer Company



Angle of Attack Indicators /

Stall Warning Computers

Ametek Aerospace - Gulton Statham






  Company Profile


Founded in 1939 by L.W. Conrow and G.L. Carrington, the name Conrac was derived by combining letters from their respective names - "CON" from Mr. Conrow and "RAC" ("CAR" spelled backwards) from Mr. Carrington.

From its first manufacturing facility located in Glendora, California, Conrac quickly earned a reputation for innovative, quality products.  In 1947 Conrac began production of it's Fleetwood brand of custom television receivers under the name of Peyton Manufacturing Company and in the early 1950's, Conrac partnered with the major television networks to pioneer development of broadcast studio monitors culminating in the introduction of the first color studio monitor in 1954.

In 1962, the company was merged with the Giannini Controls Corporation, but continued to market under the Conrac name.  Giannini continued to expand by acquiring a number of diverse companies and ultimately changed its name to the Conrac Corporation.  Throughout the 1960's and 70's, Conrac's uncompromising commitment to research and development yielded a number of industry firsts such as:

bullet The first intelligent computer terminal
bullet The first color display monitor designed specifically for the process control market
bullet The first multi-scan rate color graphics monitor
bullet The first ultra-high resolution large screen CAD/CAM display
bullet The first Autotrak™ professional Personal Computer display

Today, Conrac, Inc. is a privately held company located in the city of Baldwin Park, California near the greater Los Angeles area.  The principal activities and focus of the company are centered on the design, manufacture and support of CRT and flat panel displays for the industrial, process control, medical, military and financial markets.  In addition to its wide selection of standard products, the company also offers product customization, hardware modification and integration to original equipment manufacturers.

Conrac's dedicated staff of highly experienced professionals offers unparalleled capabilities to meet its worldwide customer requirements including engineering design services, touchscreen installation, ruggedization and many other custom features.

With one of the broadest product offerings in the industry, Conrac is ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century and provide the products and services its customers and partners can count on for years to come.


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